Celebrate Earth Day with Emissions Reducing Company ACAT Global

Los Angeles-based Lynch Archer PR Entertainment would like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

Photo cred: earthdayapril.com

Photo cred: earthdayapril.com

And in honor of the day, we’d like to give you more info on a great company working to save our planet!

ACAT Global (Advanced Clean Air Technologies) recently developed an aftermarket part for cars that consumers can purchase to install on their vehicles which is lighter and significantly reduces emissions put out into our planet.

The lightness of the converter means your car can go further on a tank of gas, and the exclusive patent technology the company has reduces vehicle emissions by nearly 33%.

To learn more about this company working to protect our environment and save our Earth, check out: http://www.acatglobal.com.

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Lynch Archer PR Client ACAT Global Joins Environmental Alliance

LAPR client Advanced Clean Air Technologies (ACAT Global), a manufacturer of reduced emissions catalytic converter technology, has taken a huge leap in environmental responsibility by joining with 1% for the Planet, an organization created to help businesses contribute to environmental non-profits.

ACAT Global is the first automotive-related business partner to join 1%’s alliance of 1,400 affiliates seeking to create a healthy planet. Through 1%, ACAT will donate 1 percent of its annual sales to the following organizations:

— University of Michigan Water Center, a new research and education facility that protects wildlife habitat, reduces toxic contamination and promotes coastal health in the Great Lakes region

— Clean Air-Cool Planet, an organization that collaborates with domestic campuses, communities and corporations to pioneer and scale-up innovative solutions aimed at reducing carbon emissions and preparing for climate change

— The Climate Reality Project, an international initiative established to unleash a global cultural movement demanding action on the climate crisis.

Congrats to ACAT Global on their commitment to our planet and our environment.


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