Lynch Archer PR presents: THE TAKEOVER featuring Tempest Freerunning

The Takeover is a collaboration between Tempest Freerunning and over 40 Professional Freerunners from 14 different Countries. These teams and athletes came together to create a short film like no other.

It features some of Lynch Archer PR Entertainment’s clients, and good friends of CEO Cheryl Lynch, Shane Daniels, Jesse LaFlair and Luci Romberg.

Blood and sweat was sacrificed in it’s creation and the results speak for themselves.

This is a film by athletes for the world …

Believe. The. Hype.

And here are some exclusive stills to you from us at Lynch Archer PR Entertainment:


Directed by: Victor Lopez
Director of Photography: Chad Bonanno
Producers: Gabe Nunez , Cory DeMeyers
Editorial: Paul Darnell
Stunt Coordinators: Gabe Nunez , Paul Darnell, Cory DeMeyers & Rich King
AD: Heath Hensley
Second Unit Camera: Wayne Dalglish
Helicopter Camera Unit: Brandon Loeser and Sky Shot Media
Tactical Camera: Rich King
1st Camera Assist: Thomas Garner
2nd Camera Assistant: Joey Wilson
Camera: Evan Dileo
Camera: Victor Lopez
Color \ VFX \ Titles : Chad Bonanno
Music: Myndset & Wildboyz ( )

Lenses provided by
Glidecam and Slider provided by Glidecam Industries
Mattebox, Filters and FollowFocus Provided by GenusTech
Additional Equipment provided by Allan Gordon , Hollywood
Wireless Monitor provided by Dan Kanes of Paralinx Arrow

About Lynch Archer PR Entertainment: LAPR is a progressive, award-winning, full-service marketing, promotions and public relations agency. Providing outstanding account service, exceptional media results and on-budget account deliverables since 1995, Lynch Archer PR serves a unique and varied clientele within the categories of: • Talent • Events/ Destinations • Motorsports • Film/TV • Sports • Consumer/ Lifestyle Brands.
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